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Trembley and Associates Products

Our WMS and WSR systems offer features of much costlier systems running on mid range computers. Many towns and municipalities use our system with all the features of the costlier systems without losing any benefits. Current PCs have become so powerful, that a mid range computer is not necessary, so you can use inexpensive PCs to do the same job. Network PCs together to add more capacity. Add a server when your database grows larger. All the components are "off the shelf" readily available and best of all... inexpensive.

Tremblay & Associates ties all of this together for you. If you have an existing system and want to convert to WMS or WSR, we will do the conversion for you. At any point we are here to provide service when needed.

The cost for the software is a one time cost which represents only work involved in writing the code. Total cost for using the system will vary depending upon your experience and support requirements. Therefore, you pay for only what you need. In the end, you'll spend much less with us then you will with other software systems.

Our guarantee ensures your investment. We guarantee to make WMS and WSR perform as specified. Period.

Call us for a FREE analysis and information. We'll be happy to answer specific questions you have regarding upgrading your billing process.

If you have a Unix or VMS system, we can take advantage of your existing equipment by using the PC as a client.

97 Blakes Hill Rd.
Northwood, NH 03261
(617) 299-1513


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