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Trembley and Associates WMS

A complete Water/Sever
Billing and Receivable Management System

The WMS Water and Sewer Billing and Receivable Management System is a menu driven, user friendly software package that conforms to your needs and specifications without needless applications you will never use and limited capabilities that you can never expand.

Standard modules include tracking for readings, charges and payments for a complete year and history file archiving with balances carried forward. The system allows for searching
by account number and customer name. A wide selection of search criteria is also available for the system.

Bill calculation routines allow for separate rates for water and sewer and flat rates if these exist within the system. Changes in the rate formula are easily accomplished. Bills can be printed onto pre-stuffed mailers, postcard format or strips to be inserted into envelopes. They can also be printed in zip code order if desired, to take full advantage of the special rates which exist for pre-sorted first class mail.

One of the greatest advantages of this system is the flexibility that exists for formatting and changing general and special reports. All of the reports may be easily modified with the dBase III Report Generator to handle all special request reports.

WMS can easily handle all typical billing functions for a Town of one to ten thousand services with only one operator. It is available in single user format and network versions. WMS simply requires any Windows compatible PC and a printer. Check validation and receipt printing systems can be tied directly into the WMS billing system.

Outstanding service and technical support can be arranged via modem or on-site (usually within 24 hours).

You can arrange for an in-house demonstration of this program at no cost or obligation by calling (617) 299-1513.

97 Blakes Hill Rd.
Northwood, NH 03261
(617) 299-1513


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