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Trembley and AssociatesWSR

Water Service Record Tracking System

The WSR Water Service Record Tracking System is a menu driven, user friendly software package designed specifically for computer tracking of individual records of water services, hydrants, meter services, valve services and back flow services.

Service record drawings may be scanned into the database via a lightweight hand held scanner (included with the system) and accessed through an easy to use menu system.

WSR can be configured to access the customer file record information from your current billing system, eliminating the need for retyping information into a separate database, saving time and money. Reports may be easily modified to accommodate special requests.

Separate modules for each type of service record allow you to View, Add, Edit, or Delete individual records. The program will also track service maintenance history.

Security features allow you to limit total system access or access to selected features with flexibility for security code modification.

The WSR system also includes an internal calendar and scheduling program to track your daily appointments, and an internal backup and restore utility (eliminating the need for a second software program).

Minimum recommended hardware configuration for WSR is a Windows system.

The cost for this system is $6,500.00 which includes the hand held scanner, training and installation. A FREE, no obligation demonstration is available from Tremblay and Associates by calling (617) 299-1513.

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